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Choi Daniel - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Choi Daniel is a South Korean actor, model, and DJ.

He rose to fame by appearing in various Korean drama series, such as The Ghost Detective (2018), Jugglers (2017-2018), and High Kick Through the Roof (2006-2012).


Choi Daniel kickstarted his career in acting back in 2000 when he got a minor role for a TV drama created by EBS, School Stories.

Five years later, in 2005, Daniel made his official debut by taking a supporting character for a drama entitled Golden Apple.

In 2008, this mentally-strong actor then debuted in a big-screen movie, Yoga Hakwon.

Daniel got his first role in the drama series when he starred in High Kick Through the Roof! (2009).

Later, he finally raised his popularity by starring in the movie Cyrano Agency. In the same year, he also appeared in Villain and Widow and also Once Upon a Time in Saengchori.

Popularity and appraisal from the public began to reach him when he starred in The Musical (2011) and School 2013 (2012).

He then continued his career by starring in Big Man (2014) and Jugglers (2017). Also, his role in Jugglers finally made him win at the 2018 KBS Drama Awards

After that, Daniel then made an appearance for The Beast (2019), It’s Okay to be Not Okay (2020), and Flying Butterflies (2022).

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  • Real Name: Choi Daniel (최다니엘)
  • Stage Name: Choi Daniel (최다니엘)
  • Nickname: Yogi Daniel
  • Birthday: February 22, 1986
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Religion: Christian
  • Profession: Actor, DJ, Model
  • Education: Chungwoon University
  • Hobbies: –
  • Facebook: –
  • X: –
  • Threads: –
  • Instagram: –
  • TikTok: –
  • YouTube: –

Height, Weight, & Physical Appearances 

  • Height: 186 cm (6’2″)
  • Weight: 73 kg (161 lbs)
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Body Measurements: –
  • Shoe Size: –


  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Brother: Choi Sung Woo
  • Sister: –

Girlfriend & Dating History

Unidentified Woman

During his appearance at MBC’s variety program My Little Old Boy in 2022, he told a story about her ex-girlfriend back when he was a university student.

According to the actor, they were a famous campus couple and they went through a lot of fights to the point that he slept outside of her former girlfriend’s apartment once.

It wasn’t really explained why or when they decided to part ways, but it seems that they separated in good terms, as he said that he’s sure the woman is “doing well and living happily somewhere.”

Hwang Jung Eum

Choi Daniel used to be linked to Korean actress Hwang Jum Eum, his co-star in High Kick through the Roof, in around 2011.

Apparently, the rumors spread wildly that there was another rumor that he was hit by Kim Young Jun, the actress’ boyfriend at that time.

However, he personally denied the rumors and even said he used to suffer due to the speculations between them

Net Worth 

Multiple sources estimated that he has accumulated around $1 million to $5 million of net worth.

He appears to earn most of his income through working as an actor and model, as well as a radio DJ in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Plastic Surgery

There is no known information on whether he has undergone any cosmetic surgery to change his visual appearance.


  • He is under J.Wide Company.
  • Initially, Daniel’s father wanted to name him ‘Solomon’, but his mom wanted his name to be ‘Daniel’ which means God’s gift.
  • His mother actually didn’t consider having another child because his mother had morning sickness when pregnant with Daniel’s brother.
  • Daniel’s father had a vasectomy.
  • His nickname, Yogi Daniel, was given by his friends during childhood.
  • ‘Yogi Daniel’ is a parody of his similarity with a famous contortionist and yoga master at that time.
  • During childhood, Daniel was often the object of joking when his friend asked him to squeeze into a desk.
  • His own mother passed away 5 years after he was born.
  • Daniel’s father faced bankruptcy for his business no longer after her mother passed away.
  • After that, Daniel was sent to be taken care of by his aunt, meanwhile, his brother lived with his father alongside another relative.
  • He once did a part-time job as a gas station worker during high school.
  • Daniel quit college after one semester because he thought the experience he got was enough.
  • Daniel once became a part of the cheerleading team at his college.
  • His father works in Military Academy.
  • Daniel’s brother works as a civil servant.
  • Daniel went to military service in 2015.
  • When filming School 2013, Daniel got an injury.
  • Daniel’s brother got married when he was in the drama project, Jugglers.
  • His ideal type is a kind woman.

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  • The Beast (2019), as Jong Chan
  • Untouchable Lawmen (2015), as Detective Jo Yoo Min
  • The Chronicles of Evil (2015), as Kim Jin Gyu
  • The Con Artists (2014), as art gallery owner (cameo)
  • 11:00 AM (2013), as Ji Wan
  • Traffickers (2012), as Sang Ho
  • The Peach Tree (2012), as cameo
  • Cyrano Agency (2010), as Sang Yong
  • Yoga (2009), as Dong Hoon

Drama Series 

  • My Sweet Mobster (JTBC | 2024), as Happy Love Pharmacy passerby (ep.1)
  • Mask Girl (Netflix | 2023), as Park Gi Hun
  • Today’s Webtoon (SBS | 2022), as Seok Ji Hyung
  • Fly, Butterflies (JTBC | 2021), as Gwang Soo
  • It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (tvN | 2020) , as CEO Daniel Choi (ep.8)
  • My Fellow Citizens (KBS2 | 2019), as newlywed husband (ep.11-12)
  • The Ghost Detective (KBS2 | 2018), as Lee Da Il
  • Jugglers (KBS2 | 2017-2018), as Nam Chi Won
  • Heart to Heart (tvN | 2015), as bakeshop owner (cameo)
  • Big Man (KBS2 | 2014), as Kang Dong Seok
  • School 2013 (KBS2 | 2012-2013), as Kang Se Chan (teacher)
  • Phantom (SBS | 2012), as Park Gi Young / Hades
  • Ji Woon-Soo’s Stroke of Luck (TV Chosun | 2012), as Kim Daniel (cameo)
  • High Kick! 3 (MBC | 2011-2012), as Lee Ji Hoon (ep. 95)
  • The Musical (SBS | 2011), as Hong Jae Yi
  • Babyfaced Beauty (KBS2 | 2011), as Choi Jin Wook
  • Once Upon a Time in Saengchori (tvN | 2010-2011), as cameo
  • High Kick! 2 (MBC | 2009-2010), as Lee Ji Hoon
  • Cheer Up On Love (MBC | 2009), as Lee Eun Hyeok
  • Worlds Within…… (KBS2 | 2008), as Yang Soo Kyung
  • High Kick! (MBC | 2006), as Lee Ji Hoon

Music Video Appearances 

  • Coin Laundry (2014) – Wax
  • Open The Door (2013) – Im Chang Jung
  • Love Ballad (2010) – Brown Eyed Soul
  • Turn It Up (2004) – Sung Hyun Ah


  • 2018 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries – JugglersThe Ghost Detective
  • 2018 KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple (with Baek Jin Hee) – Jugglers
  • 2013 KBS Drama Awards – Best Actor in a One-act Drama/Special – Waiting for Love
  • 2011 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries – Babyfaced Beauty
  • 2011 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival – Fantasia Award – High Kick Through the Roof
  • 2009 MBC Entertainment Awards – Best New Actor in a Sitcom/Comedy – High Kick Through the Roof


  • 2022 SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Romance/Comedy Drama – Today’s Webtoon
  • 2018 KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple (with Park Eun Bin) – The Ghost Detective
  • 2018 KBS Drama Awards – Netizen Award – Jugglers, The Ghost Detective
  • 2014 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries – Big Man
  • 2012 Grand Bell Awards – Best New Actor – The Traffickers
  • 2012 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries – School 2013
  • 2011 Baeksang Arts Awards – Best New Actor (Film) – Cyrano Agency
  • 2011 Baeksang Arts Awards – Best New Actor (Television) – High Kick Through the Roof
  • 2010 Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best New Actor – Cyrano Agency
  • 2010 Grand Bell Awards – Best New Actor – Cyrano Agency
  • 2010 Korean Film Awards – Best New Actor – Cyrano Agency


“The drama [Jugglers] was a challenge for me. My character wasn’t one that was outright funny from destroying his image, so it was a bit frustrating.” 

“I definitely want to do comedies. I don’t think I’m very good with comedy, and so I challenged myself with ‘Jugglers.’ If I think I haven’t let go of heavier roles with this drama, I want to try challenging myself with a more comfortable drama next time.”

“I played a lot of mature roles. From my debut, I have played roles that are older than me. So I had to behave in much more way, and that was really tough when I was acting. But time has flown, and I am the age of the characters I played. Now I am more confident to play those roles. Every time when I am in the dramas, I think of myself as the assigned character, so when the character is loved by the public and balances out the drama, I am really satisfied.”

“I want to give a try for human dramas. Even if I don’t get popularity, I want to be in small independent film, a reality film that does not have any settings but just partially draws our daily lives.”


Who is Choi Daniel?

He is a South Korean actor, model, and DJ.

Who is Choi Daniel’s real name?

His real name is Choi Daniel (최다니엘).

What makes Choi Daniel famous?

He rose to fame by appearing in various Korean drama series, such as The Ghost Detective (2018), Jugglers (2017-2018), and High Kick Through the Roof (2006-2012).

Where is Choi Daniel from?

He was born in South Korea.

How old is Choi Daniel?

He was born in 1986, and he is 39 years old as of 2025.

When does Choi Daniel celebrate his birthday?

He celebrates on the 22nd of every February.

How tall is Choi Daniel?

His height is 6’2″ or 186 cm.

Who are Choi Daniel’s parents?

He did not reveal the names of his father and mother.

Is Choi Daniel married?

He is not married. Furthermore, there is no information on whether he is in a relationship or not.

Who is Choi Daniel’s ex-girlfriend?

His ex-girlfriend is an unidentified woman.

How rich is Choi Daniel?

His net worth is around $1 million to $5 million.

What is Choi Daniel’s nationality?

His nationality is South Korean.

Choi Daniel has been facing a lot of struggles during his lifetime. Even so, he never gives up to reach his dream to be an entertainer, Really, he is a strong-minded person!