Inspector Koo – Cast & Summary

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Inspector Koo - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Inspector Koo is a Korean drama about an insurance detective who released on October 30, 2021.

This series was started by Lee Young Ae, Kim Hye Jun, Kwak Sun Young, Kim Hae Sook, and Lee Hong Ae.

Lee Young Ae is famous for her acting in the Korean Historical Drama title Dae Jang Geum (2003) and received many awards for her appearance. This series is her comeback after 4 years of hiatus.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Jun is an actress who has played Queen Consort Ho in the drama Kingdom.

She also succeed to bring Best New Artist to the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards for her role in Another Child.

Kwan Sun Young also known as an actress who has appeared in many famous dramas, there is Hospital Playlist (2020) that brings her name into more successful artist for her role as Ik Jun’s younger sister.

Meanwhile, Kim Hae Sook is a veteran actress who starred in some Korean dramas, such as Hospital Playlist (2020)(2021).

She played different characters in this drama while Sook usually played as a care mother or grandmother.

But in The Inspector Koo, she played a strong dominant insurance director.

Also, don’t forget about Lee Hong Nae who has played a role in some famous thriller criminal drama: The King Eternal Monarch (2020), Trap (2019), Save Me (2017), and The Uncanny Encounter(2020-2021)

Inspector Koo was adaptive from American series titled Killing Eve that was first released on April 8, 2018.

This series will replace the drama Lost that has been ended. Inspector Koo plays on Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 KST on JTBC Channel and Netflix.

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  • Title: Inspector Koo / 구경이
  • Known As: Sightseeing A Wonderful Sight / Inspector Koo Kyung Yi / Inspector Koo Kyeong Yi / A Wonderful Sight, Sightseeing / Gyeongiroun Gugyeongi / Wonderful Watch
  • Genre: Action, Thriller, Comedy
  • Country: South Korean
  • Director: Lee Jung Heum
  • Producer: Park Shong-Hye, Kim Young-Bae, Park Seong-Eun, Kim Ji-won, Park Woo-Ram, and Yoon Jae Soon.
  • Screenwriter: Sung Cho Yi
  • Production Companies: JTBC Studio – KeyEast Group
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Date: October 30 2021
  • Air Time: Saturday and Sunday, 22:30 KST
Inspector Koo - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Synopsis of Inspector Koo 

The story of inspector Koo told about a 40 years old woman named Inspector Koo (Lee Young Ae)

She has been a perfect police officer before becoming an insurance investigator and private detective who lived as a game and alcohol addict after her husband died.

One day, she must solve the case of a must-catch serial killer. The murder is innocent and cheerful female student and theater player in the female university student.

She has prepared a murder to get an insurance claim, with her smart and intelligent intuition and the help from her assistant and her friend, will Inspector Koo catch the killer, or be the next victim of a killer?

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Main Cast

Inspector Koo - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Lee Young Ae as Koo Kyung Ki

A smart and perfect police officer who turned her life into an insurance investigator and private detective after her husband died.

An accident makes her come back to analyze the murder case in her 40’s.

Inspector Koo - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Kim Hye Jun as Song Ki Yung

An active drama player and student of a female university student. Behind her innocent and cheerful looks, she is suspected a murderer that is aiming for an insurance claim.

Kwak Sun Young as Na Je Hee

Kwak Sun Young as Na Je Hee

The head of the NT Insurance investigation team and the junior of Inspector Koo in the police. She will help her to solve the murderer’s case.

Kim Hae Sook as Director Yong

Kim Hae Sook as Director Yong

The director of the foundation has a warm and kind personality. She also has an unpredictable aura.

Choo Hyun Chul as Oh Kyung Soo

Choo Hyun Chul as Oh Kyung Soo

An investigator in the NT insurance helps Inspector Koo in the investigation.

Supporting Cast

Koo Kyung Ki’s Group

  • Baek Sung-chul as Kyung-yi’s assistan
  • Choi Young Joon as Jang Seong U

Yoong Sook’s Group

NT Life Insurance

  • Kim O Bok as Kim Won Sik
  • Bae Myung Jin as Inspectiom team A member
  • Yoo Pil Ran as Manager
  • Lee Hong Nae as Gun Wook
  • Bae Hae Sun as Jung Jeong Yun

K’s Group

  • Choi Hee Jin as Psychiatrist Son Ji Yoo

Yong Sook’s Group

  • Jung Suk Yong as Department Head Kim
  • Choi Dae Chul as Heo Sung Tae
  • Park Ji Bin as Heo Hyun Tae

Na Je Hui’s Family

  • Choi So Yool as Na Jae Hul’s Daughter

Kim Min Gyu’s Case

  • Kim Gang Hyun as Kim Min Gyu
  • Park Ye Young as Yoon Jae Young
  • Ahn Tae Rin as Kim Seon Mi
  • Jeon Suk Chan as Detective
  • Lee Dong Wook as Man fishing
  • Lee So Geum as Food deliveryman
  • Ahn Ryeo Jin as Escort

Park Gyu Il’S Case

  • Shin Yun Seob as Park Gyu Il
  • Choi Ha Yoon as Mi Ae
  • Kim Hong Kyo as Red sneakers guy
  • Park Kang Sub as Dae Ho
  • Song Hoon as MEK seurity employee
  • Seo Jung Bin as Gas station customer
  • Lee Jong Ok as Medical examiner
  • Ku Dong Hoon as Medical examiner
  • Ha Seung Yoon as Sunshine dormitory service

NT Life Insurance Client’s

  • Park Yong as Back pain client

Bongbaek Girls High School

  • Lee Han Joo as Kim Yeong Ju
  • Chae Da Eum as Drama club member
  • Kang Hak Soo as Janitor


  • Lee Jin Seung as JBS Reporter
  • Jung Hae Has as Hansel
  • Lim Soo Jung as Gretel
  • Kim A Ra as Gretel
  • Park Jeong Min as Apartement security guard
  • Choi Young-jun as Jang Seong-woo, a high school theater teacher
  • Baek Sung Chul as Santa

OST (Original Soundtrack)

Trailer of Inspector Koo