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Seola Cosmic Girls (WJSN) - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Seola started her journey to be a successful K-Pop idol when she did an audition for Starship Entertainment in 2006.

She directly passed the audition and became a trainee there. After being accepted as a trainee, Seola tried hard to do her best during her trainee days.

During her pre-debut days, she had already appeared in a lot of projects, such as some MVs for various artists. She also did modeling for Oh Boy! magazine alongside Dayoung, Bona, and also Eunseo.

In late 2015, she finally was announced as a part of WJSN member. In that era, she did a cover for a song called All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey, alongside some other WJSN’s members.

She was also announced as a part of WJSN’s sub-unit, Sweet Unit, alongside Soobin and EXY on 24th December 2015.

Two months later, she then finally made her first debut alongside WJSN by releasing Would You Like? EP on 25th February 2016.


  • Real Name: Kim Hyun Jung (김현정)
  • Stage Name: Seola (설아)
  • Nickname: Moomin, Weepinbell
  • Birthday: December 24, 1994
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Position: Lead Vocalist
  • Height: 164.6 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Religion: –
  • Profession: Singer, Dancer
  • Education: Sejong Cyber University
  • Hobbies: Sleeping, Singing
  • Parents: –
  • Siblings: –
  • Boyfriend: –
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter: –
  • Threads: @seola_s
  • Instagram: @seola_s
  • TikTok: –
  • YouTube: –

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  • She is a part of WJSN sub-units, Sweet, ενύπνιον, and WJSN THE BLACK.
  • Seola has a sister who is older than her.
  • She becomes a Sagittarius representative of the group.
  • In the group, she is considered the vitamin of the group.
  • She is part of YTeen alongside EXY, Dayoung, Soovin, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, and also Yeoreum.
  • Seola has a condition named Aquaphobia.
  • Seola is very good at turn any kind of song to be ballad songs.
  • She became a trainee for approximately one decade.
  • She once made an appearance for a music video called Janus by Boyfriend.
  • She also made an appearance for a commercial called Just Dance with Jeongyeon and Nayeon from TWICE.
  • Seola became an actress for Good Mourning Double-Decker Bus, a 2017 web drama.
  • She became a singer for Love Virus alongside Kihyun from Monsta X. This song is a part of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim‘s OST.
  • She had participated in a collaboration that contained Momoland, WJSN, and Pristin, namely Woo-Mo-Peu.
  • Seola became a part of WJMK, a collaboration team that contained Weki Meki and WJSN.
  • She once made an appearance for King of Masked Singer.
  • When she was in KCON Australia, she sang alongside Chanyeol from EXO. The song that they sang was Stay With Me.
  • She once slept for approximately ten hours.
  • She would use the name Shaki if she were born as a rapper.
  • She would date herself if she were a boy.
  • She is similar to NCT’s Jungwoo.
  • She loves to consume any kind of jellies.
  • Seola once became a pre-debut team member alongside Woohee from Dalshabet, Kyungri from 9 Muses, Lime from HELLOVENUS, EXY, and also VIVA GIRLS.
  • She said that one thing that makes her happy is singing.
  • She would love to try WJSN’s choreography.
  • She would love to be excellent when cooking seaweed soup.
  • Seola would say “I miss you” if she likes somebody.
  • She often touches WJSN members’ butt and said EXY’s is the best.
  • Seola’s forehead measurement is around 99 pyung.
  • Her ideal type is….

Pics of Seola 

1. She looks like a beach princess in that yellow flowy dress

Seola Cosmic Girls (WJSN) - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

2. Such an edgy woman

Seola Cosmic Girls (WJSN) - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

3. Seola and black shade are perfect combinations

Seola Cosmic Girls (WJSN) - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

4. We’d like to see her pink hair back

 Cosmic Girls (WJSN) - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

5. Parisian chic style really matches her

 Cosmic Girls (WJSN) - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Seola is one of the most cheerful K-Pop idols in the industry. Her charm, her smile, and her lovely voice always make us to want to look up for her.