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Shikimori - Bio, Facts, Age, Height, Quotes, Strengths

Shikimori is the main female protagonist in the anime series Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie. She is the daughter of Miyabi Shikimori and she is the girlfriend of Yuu Izumi.

Shikimori is a very confident, kind, and caring person. She is also a very competitive person. She is a reliable woman, as she can do anything except cooking.

As for her physical appearance, she has fine pink hair, green-blue eyes, and a slim, athletic build. She is also described as cute and loved by everyone.

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  • Real Name: Shikimori (式守)
  • Stage Name: Shikimori
  • Nickname: Micchon, Mi-chan
  • Birthday: October 25
  • Age: 17 Years Old
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 162 cm (5’3”)
  • Weight: –
  • Blood Type: –
  • Hair Color: Pink
  • Eyes Color: Blue
  • Parents: Miyabi Shikimori (Mother)
  • Sibling: Fuji Shikimori (Older Brother)
  • Friends: Kyou Nekozaki, Yui Hachimitsu
  • Boyfriend: Yuu Izumi
  • Hobbies: –
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 1
  • Anime Debut: Episode 1
  • Japanese VA: Saori unishi
  • English VA: Macy Anne Johnson


  • She doesn’t like sweets, including candy.
  • However, she loves anything made by Izumi.
  • Shikimori is not a great singer.
  • She is afraid of tigers
  • She loves Yuu Izumi very much and always takes care of him by literally protecting him from every bad situation he gets in due to his bad luck.
  • She has her own ideas and she sticks to them.
  • She refers to her boyfriend as “Izumi-san” and he does the same for her by referring to her as “Shikimori-san” and not by their first names, because she admires how her grandparents addressed each other by only their last names.
  • She is also very good at sports and usually anything she does except cooking, though she later improves.
  • She sees anyone Izumi likes as a rival and tries to best them.

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She is usually very cute, but from time to time her cool sides show, which is intimidating and amazing at the same time.


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