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Wendy 'Red Velvet' - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

Wendy Son, or popularly known as Wendy, is a Korean singer. She is a member of the K-POP girl group Red Velvet.

She became famous after debuting as the main vocalist and sub rapper of Red Velvet.


Before her debut with Red Velvet with the top hits Happiness which dominated the K-pop music charts, Wendy was already familiar with the music world.

Since she was 5 years old, she has had a dream of becoming a singer. She is also surrounded by a music-loving family.

In fact, Wendy’s parents initially opposed Wendy’s dream of becoming a singer and advised her to stay focused on her schooling. However, they finally allowed Wendy to audition for K-Pop idols.

In 2010, she enrolled as a participant in Koreaboo’s Global Auditions for Cube Entertainment. However, she did not make it through to become a trainee there.

Finally, the pisces girl also managed to enter into a K-Pop idol trainee with SM Entertainment. At the audition, she sang the song Moon of Seoul and finally managed to pass.

She was a trainee for 1.5 years before she was introduced as a member of Red Velvet through SM Rookies on March 14, 2014. She released the song Because I Love You as part of SM Rookies.

She is one of the Red Velvet members who often do solo projects, especially as a singer.

In June 2015, she collaborated with Yuk Jidam to release the song Return, the OST for the drama Who Are You: School 2015. Four months later, she released the OST for the drama D-Day, Let You Know.

She also collaborated with Seulgi to release the song Don’t Push Me which became the OST for the drama Uncontrollably Fond in 2016.

Her collaboration with Seulgi continued for the release of the song I Can Only See You for the drama Hwarang in 2017.

In the following years, Wendy is still actively releasing her solo songs. Such as Goodbye (The Beauty Inside OST), What If Love (Touch Year Heart OST), to My Day is Full of You (The King: Eternal Monarch OST) with Zico.


  • Real Name: Shon Seung Wan (손승완)
  • Stage Name: Wendy (웬디)
  • English Name: Wendy Son (웬디손)
  • Nickname: Wendy, Wan-ah, Olaf
  • Birthday: February 21, 1994
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: South Korea
  • Position: Main Vocalist, Sub-Rapper (Red Velvet)
  • Religion: Christian
  • Profession: Singer, Dancer
  • Education: Richmond Hill High School
  • Hobbies: Cooking, singing, walking by cafes
  • Parents: –
  • Sibling: –
  • Boyfriend: –
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter: –
  • Instagram: @todayis_wendy
  • Tiktok: –
  • YouTube: –

Height, Weight & Appearance

  • Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
  • Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Body measurements: ‎33-23-33 inches
  • Shoe size: 6.5 (US)
  • Dress Size: –


  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Brother: –
  • Sister: –

Boyfriend & Dating History

MONSTA X Minhyuk 

On Wendy’s radio show in March 2022, Minhyuk admitted that his nighttime routine included listening to Wendy’s radio show. This made the room awkward but it was saved by other MONSTA X members.

This sparked rumors between the two, but neither sides have confirmed that they were in a relationship.

Net Worth

Wendy has an estimated net worth of $4 million. She mainly earns from her career in Red Velvet, but she also earns from brand deal endorsements as well as appearances in variety shows.

Plastic Surgery 

It has never been confirmed that Wendy did surgery for cosmetic purposes.


  • She confessed that if she didn’t join SM Entertainment, she would become a dentist.
  • In her family, she has her older sister namely Son Seung-hee.
  • Blue is her designated color in Red Velvet.
  • Deer is her representative animal.
  • She also has representatives for fruit (blue-flesh orange) and weapon (scissors).
  • Wendy and Seulgi were born in the same year.
  • The fruit that represents Wendy is a blue-flesh orange.
  • When she was 5 years old, she had dreams of becoming a singer.
  • Wendy reflexively moved her eyebrows all the time.
  • She once shared a room with Seulgi, but now each Red Velvet member already has their own room.
  • According to almost everyone, she is the kindest person to them.
  • Before she joined SM Entertainment, Wendy often posted her videos on YouTube, but they were deleted soon after she joined.
  • She is close friends with Kim Sejeong from the girl group Gugudan.
  • Wendy admitted that the Red Velvet members always helped her during her trainee days.
  • She feels that the other Red Velvet members are her family.
  • This idol is a musical person, she can play musical instruments such as saxophone, guitar, flute, and piano.
  • Wendy is the only member of Red Velvet who is fluent in English.
  • She grew up in Canada and Minnesota for about 7 years.
  • She often speaks English but with a unique Korean accent.
  • She is often referred to as the ‘reaction queen’.
  • Wendy loves talking and has a hard time stopping once she starts talking.
  • She is often referred to as the ‘chatterbox’.
  • Wendy has an older sister who works as a pharmacologist.
  • She often writes long letters and posts on Instagram.
  • This girl is the member with the healthiest lifestyle in Red Velvet.
  • She was an SM Entertainment trainee for 1.5 years.
  • Before she became an SM Entertainment trainee, she had tried to become a Cube Entertainment trainee.
  • Wendy loves the fresh Boba Milk Tea.
  • The Fault in Our Stars and Begin Again are her favorite movies.
  • 77 is Wendy’s favorite number.
  • Not only English and Korean, but she can also speak Spanish and French, too.
  • She got the Obama Presidential Awards in 8th grade. That emphasizes that she is a smart student.
  • Compared to other members, she doesn’t do aegyo that much.
  • She often baking for other members until midnight.
  • She once being a panelist for We Got Married on January 9, 2016.
  • She also participated for King of Mask Singer on episode 43 as a contestant with her stage name, Space Beauty Maetel.
  • She did some collaboration singles, namely, Vente Pa’ Ca with Ricky Martin and Spring Love with Eric Nam.
  • Wendy is a type of person who likes a wide variety of music genres.
  • Her favorite fashion style is simple, casual, and plain clothing.
  • Wendy often does nail treatment for other members.
  • She has an attractive skill to imitate Christina Confalonieri.
  • She doesn’t like to get in touch with the sunlight.
  • Wendy loves learning a lot of new skills, such as playing drums, jazz bass, learn Japanese and also Chinese so she could do some interaction with fans.
  • According to other members, Wendy is recognized as the most different person when she’s on-screen and off-screen.
  • Wendy idolizes Joy so much.
  • She would like to meet her ideal type who caring, pretty when laughing, respectful, and eats well. She visualizes her ideal type by saying that someone must be like her dad.
  • She got injured on December 25, 2019 when she did rehearsal for SBS Gayo Daejeon and need one year to do a recovery.

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  • Trolls World Tour (2020)
  • SMTown: The Stage (2015)


  • Descendants of the Sun (KBS2 | 2016), as herself

Variety shows

  • Mysterious Record Shop (JTBC | 2021), as a host
  • King of Mask Singer (MBC | 2019), as “Green Witch” (Episodes 225-226)
  • Battle Trip (KBS | 2018), as herself (Episodes 100-103)
  • K-Rush (KBS | 2017), as Host, Episodes 1-4
  • Raid the Convenience Store (tvN | 2017), as Host, Trial Programming
  • Trick & True (KBS | 2016-2017), as a Fixed panelist
  • King of Mask Singer (MBC | 2016), as “Space Beauty Maetel”, Episode 43
  • We Got Married (MBC | 2015-2016), as a Panelist
  • 100 People, 100 Songs (JTBC | 2015), as a Contestant

Radio shows

  • Young Street (SBS Power FM, 2021-present) – DJ


“Live as you are.” 

“Stay close to people who feel like sunshine.”

“Don’t give up on anything. Just do what you wanna do. We’ve got your back.”

“When you look at the world with beauty in your heart, from wherever your eyes lie, you’ll find beauty.”

“Sometimes, someone comes into your life unexpectedly, takes you heart by surprise and changes your life forever. Well, for me and for all Red Velvet, it’s you guys. ReVeluv.”

“It’s good to think on positive note, because you could get trapped in thinking negative. So always be happy and think positive. Good fortunes come to those who smile, so let’s do that.”

Pics of Wendy 

1. Her casual outfit still steal our hearts perfectly

Wendy 'Red Velvet' - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

2. How could Wendy being this gorgeous?

Wendy 'Red Velvet' - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

3. Her smile is everything

Wendy 'Red Velvet' - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

4. Look how flawless she is

Member of Red Velvet' - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

5. Wendy is ready to go out with her friends

Member of Red Velvet' - Biography, Profile, Facts and Career

Wendy is always recognized by her fans as a sweet, charming, and caring person. Her talented skills will always improve and that’s why we all love her.