What is Cheugy? Meaning and Origin

What is Cheugy? Meaning & Origin

The term ‘cheugy’ spreads everywhere currently, arises from the hit social media, TikTok, and used by many content creators.

Some people haven’t heard about this term at all. On the other hand, some people genuinely know what kind of term it is.

So, let’s just get into this viral terms.

What is Cheugy?

In general, cheugy is a neologism that was created by an American back in 2013 to describe an aesthetic or lifestyle trend that is considered trendy but out of date.

Cheugy is usually associated with the early 2010s and the millennials era and also can be described as “the opposite of stylish” or “the opposite of trendy”.

People who love the cheugy style are considered cheugs. This can be identified with some key elements, such as the sign of live, laugh, and love.


The appearance of the term cheugy comes from a Beverly Hills High School student who created the term first.

Cheugy was created by Gaby Rasson in 2013 and at that time, she wanted to describe people who were slightly out of trend.

She also mentioned that cheugy also can be described as someone who is trying too hard to look trendy.

Five years after its appearance, the definition of this term then appeared in 2018 for the first time on the Urban Dictionary website.

In 2021, this term came back into popularity after some TikTok stars mentioned it in their videos, such as Hallie Cain.

This term even was voted as the “informal word of the year” in 2021 by The American Dialect Society.


The characteristics of cheugy can be described in many ways. Some of the most popular key elements about this term are “live, laugh, love signs”, memes of Minion, and people who love the “girl boss aesthetic”.

In terms of fashion, cheugs also can be identified by what they wear in their daily fashion, usually weird fashion styles, such as skinny jeans.

Cheugy in the Recent Years

In recent years, the terms of cheugy rises again after it appeared on the TikTok platform in the previous 2021.

But some people told the media that the cheugy trend betrayed misogyny because it is actually pretty sexist.

The rise of the “girl boss aesthetic” also emphasizes the sexism of this term since girl bosses are female.

But on the other hand, there are also people who see cheugy as more dominated by men, such as cargo shorts and Axe Body Spray.

For Generation Z, this term is a little bit confusing and even many zoomers were also confused with the term before the popular website such as Buzzfeed and Twitter popularize the term.


No matter what the era it is, there is always some new term to be learned by trendy society. In this case, this word is very popularized with the rise of social media.

Cheugy is not a bad nor a good thing because it actually represents someone’s identity and style.

There is nothing to be judged for, even though this term can be quite confusing for people with different perspectives.