Chimera – Cast & Summary

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Chimera - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Chimera announced its release date, October 30, 2021, on the OCN network.

At the first, Chimera planned to be released in 2019 but just realized in 2021 after three years of long waiting.

This Korean drama starred by Park Hae Soo, Soo Hyun, and Lee Hee Jun.

Started his debut as a musical actor, Park Hae Soo return to Chimera after his success in Squid Game (2021). He also starred in dramas Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) and Prison Playbook (2018).

The other cast is Soo Hyun is known as Claudia Kim comeback after his last Korean drama titled Monster, four years ago. She becomes more famous after she acted as Nagini in Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grinde in 2018.

Chimera became Hee Jun’s third Korean drama in 2021 along with Vincenzo and Mouse in the same year. This series also became he reunite with Hae Soo after they cast in same Korean drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

This thriller drama is aired on OCN every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 KST and replaces the schedule of Dark Hole.

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  • Title: Chimera / 키마이라
  • Also Known As: Kemiseuteli, Chemistry, Kimaila, Chimaera
  • Genre: Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery
  • Country: South Korea
  • Director: Kim Do Hoon
  • Producer: –
  • Screenwriter: Lee Jin Mae
  • Production Company: JS Pictures
  • Network: OCN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Dates: October 30 – December 19 2021
  • Air Times : Saturday and Sunday, 22:30 KST
Chimera - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Synopsis of Chimera

A detective named Cha Jae Hwan (Park Hae Soo) meets with Eugene (Soo Hyun) a criminal profiler who has worked with the FBI and Lee Jong Yeop (Lee Hee Jun) a surgeon from America.

They gather to reveal a sudden explosion that has a relation with the past bombing continued with murder serial named Chimera.

The codes and symbols in the explosion placed left by the perpetrator make them collaborate to reveal the perpetrator behind the explosion.

Can they disclose this explosion when each other have their reason to reveal this crime or does one of them become one of the next victims?

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Main Cast  

Chimera - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Park Hae Soo as Cha Jae Hwan 

A passionate detective from police that interested in the Chimera case. He will finish this case with help from Eugene and Lee Jong Yeop.

Chimera - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Soo Hyun as Eugene

A criminal profiler who has worked with the FBI for a long time. She came back to Korea after being adopted and brought to America.

Lee Hee Jun as Lee Jong Yeop

Lee Hee Jun as Lee Jong Yeop

A surgeon from America that is also being adopted a long ago and brought to England by his foster parents.

Supporting Cast

  • Cha Joo Young as Reporter

Soo Wan Ki’s Case

  • Yum Dong Hun as Soo Wan Ki
  • Lee Sung Hee as Soo Wan Ki’s mistress
  • Yoon Jong Goo as Gambling houseman
  • Yoo Hang Soon as Security in the gambling house
  • Seo Yong Hwa as Shaman’s gambling house

1984’s Chimera Case

  • Kang Sang Won as Lee Sang Woo
  • Kim Do Hyeong as young Song Wan Ki
  • Kim Hyo Young as young Han Joo Seok
  • Yang Joo Ho as young Bae Seung Gwan
  • Kwon Hyuk Bum as Detective
  • Kang Jang Goo as Oh Jong Geun
  • Yoon Hyun as Im Sang Wook


  • Ryu Tae Hoo as Medical examiner
  • Lee Kyu Bok as Fireman
  • Uhm Hye Soo as Nurse
  • Kang Chul Sung as Doctor
  • Oh Jin Ha as Nurse
  • Lim Ji Hyun as Hospital records staff
  • Kim Sa Hoon as Reporter


  • Song Chi Hoon as Cameramen
  • Kim Jung Hak as Manager

OST (Original Soundtrack)

Trailer of Chimera