Part Time Mello – Cast & Summary

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Part Time Mello - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Another drama from Seezn, Part Time Mello was released on November 24, 2021. This drama has starred some idols, such as Han Soo Ah, Da Won, Lee Eunsang, Min Suh Wa, and Ha Jong Woo.

This drama became Han Soo Ah’s second drama in 2021 after playing in So Not Worth It (2021). She also has starred in Penthouse: War In Life (2020).

Part Time Mello also became Da Won second drama in 2021 after previously playing in Doom at Your Service (2021). and Click Your Heart.(2016)

The next cast is Lee Eunsang who has came back after his debut drama in Idol: The Coup (2021).

This drama became Min Soo Hwa debuted as the actress. It also became Ha Jong Woo first acted as the actor with this web series.

Part Time Mello is the sequel to the previous web drama Single & Ready to Mingle. This drama is streamed in Seezn and Youtube KoK TV.

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  • Title: Part Time Mello /파트타임멜로
  • Also Known As: Part Time Melo / Part Time Melodrama / Pateutaim Mello / You can Find Love at the Part Time?
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Country: South Korea
  • Director: Kang Hyun Na
  • Producer: –
  • Screenwriter: Jung Yuna, Baek Seung Hwa
  • Production Company: WHYNOT Media
  • Networks: Seezn, Youtube Kok TV
  • Episodes: 6
  • Air Dates: November 24 – December 29 2021
  • Air Times: Every Wednesday, 18:00 KST
Part Time Mello - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Synopsis of Part Time Mello

Seul Mi ( Han Soo Ah) is a public announcer who has given up on her dream to become a civil servant after repeatedly failing in the test.

One day she is offered for being part timer after being drunk in a shop. She directly agrees without thinking about the risk after joining Sol & Pub.

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