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Saitama - Bio, Facts, Age, Height, Quotes, Strengths, Weakness

Saitama is the protagonist of the anime and manga One Punch Man. For those who are familiar with One Punch Man, the name Bald Cape must become the name we hear often, as it is Saitama’s nickname.

Written by One and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, the webcomic was first published in 2009 and years later, the series got an anime adaptation.

Saitama is going around beating his opponent wearing a yellow one-piece jumpsuit with a short zipper at the collar combined with a black belt with a round golden buckle at its center.

He also wears a red glove up to his sleeve. His boat has the same color as his glove.

One that became the iconic costume of Saitama was his white cape that was fastened to his shoulder with a round button.

Though he was drawn as a bald hero, he used to have short black hair, but eventually, he lost it due to his regimen of training as a hero.

Saitama is a thin but well-built man. Usually, we saw him in a simplistic drawn style with an elliptical head and simple facial features.

There was a time when he had drawn with a serious style with sharp facial features, fearsome eyes and chiseled musculature.

As the drawn style changes, his posture also changes from a slack posture and sloping shoulders to a straightened posture and squared shoulders.

He might look average because nothing remarkable about him. He used to be a salaryman who didn’t have any interest in anything in particular.

When he finally becomes a hero, his great power makes him become indifferent because he can beat his opponent without much struggle.

He doesn’t feel any challenge when he fights. It even makes him suffer a self-imposed existential crisis.

His indifference also applies to his daily life. He doesn’t take his work seriously, and rather than cooking for himself, he prefers to eat at the food stalls.

One of his characteristics that becomes a joke by other people is his inability to remember someone’s name and face and sometimes pronounce someone’s name wrong.

But even though his inability to remember someone’s face and name makes fun by others, he rarely shows a reaction. The only insult that can get to him is when people mention his baldness.

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  • Real Name: Saitama (サイタマ)
  • Stage Name: Saitama
  • Also Know As: Bald Cape or Caped Baldy (Hagemanto), The Fist That Has Turned Againts God
  • Nickname: Saitama
  • Birthday: –
  • Age: 25 Years Old
  • Gender: Male
  • Hobbies: Killing monster, Fighting, Buying in the supermarket, Saving people, Snacking, Playing video games
  • Occupation: Hero, Teacher
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 1
  • Anime Debut: Episode 1
  • Japanese VA: Makoto Furukawa
  • English VA: Max Mittelman

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

  • Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
  • Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)
  • Blood Type: –
  • Hair Color: Black (previously)
  • Eyes Color: –
  • Body Measurement: –
  • Shoe Size: –
  • Dress Size: –


  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Brother: –
  • Sister: –
  • Friends: Genos, King, License-less Rider, Fubuki, Hero Association
  • Partner: Genos
  • Enemies: Boros, Speed-o-Sound Sonic, Garou, Tanktop Tiger
  • Affiliation: Hero Association, Saitama Group


  • Saitama’s name comes from Saitama Prefecture, where the illustrator of One Punch Man lives.
  • His iconic yellow one-pieced suit was from an old retired tailor who repair his tracksuit and custom it for him. At first, Saitama was embarrassed wearing that, but now his suit is the thing he cherishes for.
  • At the beginning of the manga, the color of Saitama’s capes was red but then changed to white.
  • His average and unimpressive looking sometimes make his opponent underestimate him and think he is weak.
  • He once worked as a part-timer in a convenience store.
  • Before joining Hero Association, he also worked several part-time jobs to pay for his lifestyle and only lived off of vegetables.
  • He struggled financially before joining Hero Association, and even after he joined Hero Association, he doesn’t get well paid because of his infamous reputation and lack of heroic action.
  • He unintentionally became one of the responsible for the Hero Association creation and saved the life of the grandson of the founder of the Hero Association.
  • One of his favorite foods is soft French fries, especially the long ones. Saitama prefers long soft French fries rather than short and crispy ones.
  • He also likes to eat seaweed, Chinese cabbage, and new products of dubious value.
  • When in fights, Saitama is only in semi-seriously mode and never used his full power even when he fights Boros and Garou.
  • His power comes from his daily exercise, which is 6.2 miles of running, 100 times pushups, 100 times situps, and 100 times squats.
  • Saitama read manga quite a lot. He even has a bookshelf with many kinds of manga related to the ONE’s manga series.
  • Saitama has a top speed of 159,236 mph. It took only 1.5 seconds for him to reach earth from the moon.
  • He becomes class A rank 39 from class C with incredible speed.

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  • Saitama’s strength is known among his opponents as he is able to beat his opponent nonchalantly just from his one punch. The power of his punch could make his opponent get struck and explode only in one punch, and his strength is also not limited to his punch. Through his punch, also shows that his punch could also destroy buildings and walls effortlessly.
  • He is so strong, that he could withstand any stroke or hit without being scratched even a single hair. He was able to survive on the moon even for a few seconds, then managed to go back and forth from the moon to the earth and could survive from entering the atmosphere without any damage.
  • Another strength he has is that he can move quickly. His speed even allowed him to create afterimage creation. Saitama uses this skill often when he faces his opponent, thus intimidating his opponent.
  • The ability of shockwave creation allows him to use his power indirectly and make this power form a massive shockwave and uses it to his punches.
  • His willingness to go through any kind of training to become a hero is one of his power. His indomitable will as he goes through his training for three years makes him keep going even if Saitama is in the greatest pain, or vomiting blood. This makes he could remove his limit.
  • He has been known as an expert in hand-to-hand combat even though he is not on the go for formal training for it. Saitama’s immeasurable power and sometimes his boredom make him doesn’t really care about technique attack, but his combat skill makes him could defeat any criminal or monster.
  • One thing that is remarkable about his strength is that Saitama has particularly strong teeth, can even break a sword, with his teeth only. It happens during a fight with Sonic that he gets attacked with a sword, but then he biting and destroying the sword.
  • Whenever he set and focuses on his target, he always able to strikes at perfect precision. He was also able to turn a rock into a deadly projectile and used it as a weapon. When he landed directly from Boros’s ship to Earth from the moon, he could precisely land with no trouble.


  • Saitama’s one and true weakness is that he lacks technique and training in martial arts. His weakness was revealed when Saitama fought Garou, even though when Saitama fought Garou, he’s playing a bit less like when he fights against the other monster.



“Crap. I forgot to buy kombu soup stock.”

“What the matter? You don’t like udon?”

“Having overwhelming power is… boring as hell.”

“I’ll leave tomorrow’s problems to tomorrow’s me.”

“If the Heroes run and hide, who will stay and fight?”

“Don’t you ever go around stealing peoples French fries again!”

“I told you, I’m busy. So anyone who gets in my way gets punch.”

“I never could have imagined that being a hero would be so lonely…”

Instead of sitting around frustrated, it’s better to keep on moving forward.

“If you got something to say, show your face! I’ll still punch you out, though.”

“Did you see a butt-naked man run past us? Must have evacuated mid-bath.”

“In exchange for power, maybe I‘ve lost something that essential to being human.”

“There are so many extremely powerful villains in this world. A hero is someone who takes on those villains. Even if they’re all alone.”

“Let me make one thing clear! I’m not working as a hero because I want you morons to admire me! I do it because I want to!” Saitama when facing an opposing crowd.”

“If you really want to be strong… Stop caring about what your surrounding thinks of you!”\“I’m not saying I need fans, but it would be nice if someone noticed what I’ve been doing.”

Do you honestly think you won’t get any stronger for the rest of your life? Instead of sitting around frustrated, it’s better to keep moving forward. I’m going now. Today is a special day in case you didn’t know. The market is selling veggies at 30% off.”

“All humans are weak creatures. It is how these weak creatures fight and grow, that they eventually become strong. If you are weak, don’t despair. Fight!”

“In exchange for gaining strength, have I lost something more important as a human being? Emotions used to swirl within me when I fought. Fear, impatience, anger… But now… Day after day, after one punch I go home unharmed and wash my gloves.”

“You won’t survive. You don’t get what hero means. There are a lot of incredibly strong bad guys in the world. Those who oppose them are called heroes. Even if they are alone. You, who gathers weaker subordinates to feel strong, won’t make it. At this rate, you are gonna cry sooner or later. When a monster stronger than you shows up, none of your subordinates will save you. Factions? Newbie crushing? Keeping your ranks? They have nothing to do with anything! Don’t look down on heroes, you moron!”

FAQs of Saitama

Who is Saitama?

Saitama is a superhero and the main protagonist in the anime and manga One Punch Man. He got the name Bald Cape from Hero Association.

How old is Saitama?

Saitama’s current age is 25 years old.

How tall is Saitama?

Saitama’s height is 175 cm (5’9″).

How much does Saitama weigh?

Saitama’s weight is 70 kg (154 lbs).

Saitama might be the most powerful hero in One Punch Man universe, but this immense amount of power sometimes brings Saitama to boredom whenever he is against his opponent.

So sometimes he likes to reasoning with his opponent about their motive before throwing his remarkable one-punch.

Just like his words to the vaccine man, “I’m just a guy who’s a hero for fun” Saitama didn’t regard his work and hero activities as something serious.