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Go Min Si - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Go Min Si is a South Korean actress, model, and director. She is best recognized for her roles in a number of drama series including Love Alarm (2019–2021), Youth of May (2021), and Sweet Home series (2020–2024).


Go Min Si start her career in the film industry when she took a role as a director for a film called Parallel Novel back in 2016.

This movie successfully won a Grand Prize at the Three Minutes Film Festival.

In 2016, she also hit popularity by appearing in 72 Seconds, a web series that was pretty famous that year.

Later, she continued her appearance to be a model for one of Thunder’s MVs, Sign.

One year later, she joined another web series, Absolutely Perfect Man (2017) as a cast. This year, she also debuted as a TV series drama by appearing in My Sassy Girl.

After marking her success in that drama, she continued to act in Hello, My Twenties! 2 and also Meloholic, a Korean drama with the genre of fantasy.

She later was trusted to be a cameo for popular comedy Korean drama, Welcome to Waikiki (2018), and also for another drama entitled Live (2018).

Not satisfied only with appearing in those dramas, she then tried to appear in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018), the movie Cheese in the Trap (2018), and The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion alongside Kim Dami and Choi Woo Shik.

Because of her amazing performances, later she got nominated as a Best Supporting Actress for the 55th Grand Bell Awards and finally won as Popular Star Award for the 7th Korea Best Star Awards.

Min Si’s career in acting then more rising up, proven by her roles in Hwaja (2019), Love Alarm (2019), Secret Boutique (2019), and The Reason Why I Can’t Tell You (2020).

Her popularity became very increasing after she became a cast for Sweet Home (2020), a popular Netflix series, and Youth of May (2021), when she worked together again with Lee Do Hyun, her partner in Sweet Home.

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  • Real Name: Go Min Si (고민시)
  • Stage Name: Go Min Si (고민시)
  • Nickname: –
  • Birthday: February 15, 1995
  • Birthplace: Daejeon, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Religion: –
  • Profession: Actress, Model, Director
  • Education: –
  • Hobbies: Hiking, Ballet
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter: –
  • Threads: –
  • Instagram: @gominsi
  • TikTok: –
  • YouTube: –

Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance 

  • Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight: 45 Kg (99 lbs)
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Body Measurements: 32-25-32 (Bust -32, Waist -25, and Hips -32 inches)
  • Shoe Size: 6.5 (US)


  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Brother: –
  • Sister: –

Boyfriend & Dating History 


In April 2022, Go Min Si was rumored to date Gray, a South Korean rapper and singe, after some fans notices that their latest Instagram photos seemed to be taken at a same place in the United States.

Soon, her agency responded to the rumors but didn’t confirm nor deny the rumors because it was related to her “personal life.”

The pair were both linked professionally in 2021 as she starred in his Make Love music video as his love interest.

Net Worth 

Several sources estimated that she has accumulated $1 million to $5 million of net worth. She earns her income primarily from working as an actress, model, and director.


Underage Drinking in the Past

In 2021, a series of screenshots that allegedly captured from Go Min Si’s past social media emerged on an online community.

The captures, which showing the actress drinking in a bar with a group of friends, were rumored to be from around 2011 that means she was only 16 and considered minor in South Korean.

Soon after, she released an apology, admitted that the person in the pictures was her “without any doubt” and that she was “depply reflecting on them” because her “past behaviors were wrong.”

She concluded the statement by promising to take “take this opportunity to grow more mature and take the right path.”

Plastic Surgery

There is no known information on whether she has undergone any cosmetic surgery to change her appearance.


  • She once became a wedding planner.
  • She also once became a coffee shop worker.
  • Min Si once took ballet lessons for approximately 7 months to prepare for her own role in Sweet Home.
  • She admitted that when she did ballet for the first time, it was very difficult but she now loves to do that as an exercise or hobby.
  • In her IG bio, ‘Yedam Go Min Si’ actually has a special meaning, The word ‘Ye’ has a meaning of keep moving forward, ‘Dam’ has a meaning of flat ground, ‘Go’ has a meaning of high, ‘Min’ has a meaning of sky, and ‘Si’ has a meaning of seeing. That means just to move forward on the flat ground and also look up to the sky frequently from higher place.
  • During her free time, she loves to hike alongside Park Gyu Young and Lee Si Young.
  • When filming My Sassy Girl, oftentimes she worried about how to deliver her own lines, so she tends to listen to the lines from previous period dramas frequently.
  • Min Si once collected a lot of TVXQ posters during the elementary school year.
  • Even though she already wanted to be an actress when she was just a child, she thought it was pretty unrealistic.
  • Min Si said that her charming features are her low-toned voice, dark complexion, and also her eyes.
  • For her role in The Witch, she decided to gain weight to 58 kg.
  • Meanwhile, for her role in Sweet Home, she lost her weight to 45 kg.
  • Min Si’s favorite sweet snacks are chocolate and also truffle potato chips.
  • She said that oftentimes people mishear her own given name.
  • In her bag, she never forgets to put her lip balm and also hand cream.
  • In the fashion world, she tends to focus on footwear, because she loves shoes so much.
  • Her favorite movie is Comrades: Almost a Love Story because the acting of Maggie Cheung is totally helpful for her development.
  • Min Si’s movie recommendations are Comrades: Almost a Love Story, Kramer vs Kramer, and  Pulp Fiction.
  • She loves to enjoy Kim Ae Ran’s works.
  • Min Si often listens to musicians Cho Yang Pil and also Sanulrim.
  • Retro music is her favorite music genre.
  • Min Si enjoys lattes.
  • Semi-dried persimmons are Min Si’s favorite fruit.
  • Kimchi fried rice is also her favorite fruit.
  • Her ideal type is someone who’s good at their work, because it makes them likable.

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  • Smugglers (2023), as Go Ok Boon
  • Drama Special: Reason Not To Confess (KBS2 | 2020), as Seo Yoon Chan
  • Set Play (2020), as Yoo Sun
  • The Battle: Roar to Victory (2019, as Hwa Ja
  • The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion (2018), as Myung Hee
  • Cheese in the Trap (2018), as junior
  • Drama Special: Forgotten Season (KBS2 | 2018), as Choi Ji Young
  • Parallel Novel (2016), as woman

Drama Series

  • In The Woods With No One (Netflix | 2024), as Yoo Sung Ah
  • Sweet Home 3 (Netflix | 2024), as Lee Eun Yu
  • Sweet Home 2 (Netflix | 2023), as Lee Eun Yu
  • Love Alarm Season 2 (Netflix | 2021), as Park Gul Mi
  • Jirisan (tvN | 2021), as Lee Da Won
  • Youth of May (KBS2 | 2021), asKim Myung Hee
  • Sweet Home (Netflix | 2020), as Lee Eun Yu
  • Love Alarm (Netflix | 2019), as Park Gul Mi
  • Secret Boutique (SBS | 2019), as Hyun Ji
  • Hundred Million Stars From the Sky (tvN | 2018), as Im Yoo Ri
  • Live (tvN | 2018), as Oh Song Yi
  • Welcome to Waikiki | Eulachacha Waikiki (JTBC | 2018), as Lee Min A
  • Absolutely Perfect Man (Naver TV | 2017), as Hannah
  • Meloholic (OCN | 2017), as Joo Yeo Jin
  • Hello, My Twenties! 2 (JTBC | 2017), as Oh Ha Na
  • My Sassy Girl (SBS | 2017)
  • 72 Seconds: Season 3 (2016)

TV Shows

  • Running Man (2010), as guest

Music Video Appearances

  • Make Love – GRAY feat. Zion.T (2021)
  • Sign – Thunder feat. Goo Hara (2016)


  • 2023 Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best New Actress – Smugglers
  • 2023 Buil Film Awards – Best Supporting Actress – Smugglers
  • 2023 Marie Claire Asia Star Awards – Face of Asia Award – Smugglers
  • 2021 Asia Contents Awards – Newcomer Actress – Sweet Home
  • 2021 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries – Youth of May
  • 2021 KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award (with Lee Do Hyun) – Youth of May
  • 2021 Kino Lights Awards – Actress of the Year (Domestic) – Love Alarm 2, Youth of May, and Jirisan
  • 2019 SBS Drama Awards – Best New Actress – Sweet Boutique
  • 2018 Korea Best Star Awards – Popular Star Award – The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion
  • 2016 Three Minutes Film Festival – Grand Prize – Parallel Novel


  • 2023 Buil Film Awards – Best New Actress – Smugglers
  • 2023 Grand Bell Awards – Best Supporting Actress – Smugglers
  • 2021 Asian Academy Creative Awards – Best Actress in Supporting Role – Sweet Home
  • 2021 KBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award, Actress – Youth of May
  • 2020 KBS Drama Awards – Best Actress in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama – The Reason Why I Can’t Tell You (Drama Special)
  • 2018 Grand Bell Awards – Best Supporting Actress – The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion


“I like that when I’m on a set, it feels like I’m living today. When I’m working, I only focus on acting without anything else, so I feel at ease. Writers, directors, and actors are all needed in a project, so when we all gather to work, there is certainty in the reason for my existence.”

“I want to play a character that breaks away from a typical stereotype. Roles itself are fresh and new, so I think they’ll be another inspiration.”

“As an actress, I want to be filled with a variety of colors so that I can’t be defined as one [color].”

I want to try a melodrama. I haven’t had a work that hasn’t been stained with blood in the past 5 years, almost 5 years. Now, I want to try something like a melodrama or a romance comedy.”

“Physically and mentally, it felt like running a marathon of trials and tribulations. Every moment was pushing me out of my comfort zone and pushing me to my limits.”

“I’m the happiest when I think about [my fans and staff members] recently — they’re my anchors and pillars. Even though they must have been so tired from the hectic filming schedule and frequent travels abroad, their constant smiles and enjoyment of their job and the moments really motivate me to strive for better.”

“I think I’ve been blessed with a really strong support system and I’m surrounded by good company wherever I go. I’m filled with positive energy whenever I’m with such good company, and I’m thankful just being next to them and absorbing and learning.”


Who is Go Min Si?

She is a South Korean actress, model, and director. 

Who is Go Min Si’s real name?

Her real name is Go Min Si (고민시).

What makes Go Min Si famous?

She became famous because of her roles in a number of drama series including Love Alarm (2019–2021), Youth of May (2021), and Sweet Home series (2020–2024).

Where is Go Min Si from?

She was born in Daejeon, South Korea.

How old is Go Min Si?

She was born in 1995, and she is 29 years old as of 2024.

When does Go Min Si celebrate her birthday?

She celebrates on the 15th of every February.

How tall is Go Min Si?

Her height is 5’5″ or 165 cm.

Who are Go Min Si’s parents?

She did not reveal the names of her father and mother.

Is Go Min Si married?

She is not married. Furthermore, there is no information on whether she is in a relationship or not.

Who is Go Min Si’s ex-boyfriend?

Her ex-boyfriend is not known. However, she used to be rumored to date Gray.

How rich is Go Min Si?

Her net worth is around $1 million to $5 million.

What is Go Min Si’s nationality?

Her nationality is South Korean.

Not only talented, but Go Min Si also shows herself to the world that she is worthy of being idolized. Who doesn’t agree, anyway?