Muzan Kibutsuji

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Muzan Kibutsuji - Bio, Facts, Age, Height, Quotes, Strengths

Muzan Kibutsuji is the main antagonist in manga and anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. He is the Demon King and the progenitor of other demons that exist.

He was a human, during Heian Era. He was turned into a demon to cure his disease. His human form has an age of 20 years old man, but he has lived more than 10.000 years.

Muzan Kibutsuji has a tall and muscular body with unnaturally pale skin and curly black hair. His eyes are almond-shaped with plum red colored. He has sharp blue nails on his hands.

He is wearing a white fedora with red ribbon and a black tuxedo with a white tie over black dress shirts and white dress pants. He was also seen wearing a black loafer.

As a villain, he is cold-hearted, intimidating, and ruthless. But exceptionally intelligent. He seems detached and rarely shows emotion. Has no attachment to humans, or to his subordinate.

He is a narcissist that can’t stand being mocked and believes that others exist only to serve him.

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  • Real Name: Kibutsuji Muzan (鬼舞辻 無惨)
  • Stage Name: Muzan Kibutsuji
  • Also Known As: Tsukihiko, Kibutsuji, Toshikuni
  • Nickname: Demon King
  • Birthday: –
  • Age:
    <20 years old (Human);
    >10.000 (Biologically)
  • Gender: Male
  • Hobbies: –
  • Manga Debut: Chapter #11, Chapter #13 (full appearance)
  • Anime Debut: Episode #6, Episode #7 (full appearance)
  • Japanese VA: Toshihiko Seki
  • English VA: Greg Chun
  • Stage Play: Yoshihide Sasaki

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

  • Height: 179 cm (5’10”)
  • Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
  • Blood Type: –
  • Hair Color: Black, White (from aging drug)
  • Eyes Color: Plum Red
  • Body Measurement: –
  • Shoe Size: –
  • Dress Size: –


  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Brother: –
  • Sister: –
  • Friends: –
  • Wife: Rei Kibutsuji


  • His last name contains kanji for “demon” (鬼 ki?) and dance (舞bu). While his first name contains On’Yom for “miserable, pitiful, merciless” 無(む)惨(ざん) muzan.
  • When Shinobu’s poison takes control of his body, it becomes deformed and he transforms into a hideous beast. His hair grows longer and turns white, while his skin has red bulbous substances appearing on it.
  • He is a narcissist that is able to kill someone who mocked him. He doesn’t tolerate any negative comments or criticism.
  • As a human, he was weak and always on the verge of dying. He was diagnosed with several incurable diseases that made him die when he turned twenty. He then seeks the cure and comes across a doctor who gives him medicine that turns him into a demon.
  • He can change other people, into a demon, and in order to speed things into finding spider lily flower, he makes people changes into a demon and serves him.
  • After living more than a thousand years, he found the twelve strongest demons that could withstand a higher amount of his blood which makes them more powerful.
  • Many have tried to kill him, but none has worked. He can’t be killed, and whatever his body parts get destroyed or cut, he’s managed to grow them back.
  • He has seven hearts and five brains, as well as extra neral and circulatory organs for his superhuman speeds, agility, and responses.
  • He is the first demon and can turn people into demons by injecting them with his blood.
  • He became a demon in the Heian Era in the early 900.
  • After becoming a demon in Heian Era, he settled down with five women, but due to his harsh treatment of them, all of them committed suicide.o
  • Muzan keeps transforming in order to hide his true identity, and he’s even known to change into an 11-year-old child to hide from the demon slayer.
  • In the manga, when he fights Tamayo’s poison, his body becomes deformed and turns into a hideous beast with red bulbous skin and long white hair.
  • One of Muzan special abilities is he can absorb cellular memory from the body he absorbs.
  • Muzan has five unnamed wives besides Rei Kibutsuji.

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  • After consuming the medicine Blue Spider Lily, he has special types of blood that can transform humans into mutated creatures known as demons. Those who are given his blood have special abilities like quick generation, immortality, and accelerated growth rate. He can enhance the demon’s ability by giving them more blood. But the recipient’s ability to receive his blood is limited, and if they can’t withstand it, they would self-destruct into a giant mass of flesh before disintegrating into ash.
  • To all demons he injects his blood to, he can control them and manipulate them into doing damage to others.
  • He puts a curse on all the demons, he injects his blood into. If any demons divulged the name Kibutsuji out loud, it would cause three demonic arms to spawn from their bodies and destroy them. That’s why the demon that serves Muzan addressed him as that man or him so they couldn’t trigger the curse.
  • He is also able to read the thoughts of the demons he shares blood with by just looking at them. Aside from reading their thoughts, he was also able to send telepathic messages and have a full conversation with other demons as well.
  • Having lived for a thousand years, and with the help of his five brains, he is extremely clever and erudite. He can manipulate demons into fighting others. He also masters in multiple fields like chemistry, biology, and chemicals. Aside from learning science, he enjoys importing goods, learning a foreign language, and studying newly invented machines.
  • He has immeasurable strength that makes him stronger than all existing demons. He can kill a man only with a single punch in the face and is also able to kill a bigger man by kicking him.
  • Like other demons, he possessed infinite stamina and endurance. He wouldn’t feel tired or in pain. Even when his head is pierced by a sword, he won’t show any pain.
  • When doing combat, he utilized bladed and flexible whips as his main form of attack. But. Instead of wielding the bladed by hands, he contorts his flesh into the shape of said whips, which makes him have the advantage of manipulating its shape and controlling the trajectory at his will.
  • He is able to change his appearance at his will. So far, he can shapeshift into a young family man, a young boy, or even a woman.


  • Since his appearance, it has been shown that he can’t bear the exposure to sunlight and would disintegrate under direct sunlight. That’s the reason he’s looking for a spider lily that makes him immune to sunlight.
  • His body is weak to certain poisons and isn’t prepared for new poisons. So when he is exposed to new poisons, his body has no idea how to fight them.


“The true monster is that man. Not me.”

“You told me what to do. You deserve death.”

“Head down and kneel. Prostrate before me.”

“If you become a demon, you can live forever.”

“A demon beating a human is a foregone conclusion.”

“Do you think you’ve chased me down? You are going to hell now.”

“So what if you disposed of one Hashira? As if that was such a feat.”  

“Nobody was useful. I will smash the Demon Slayer tonight. I will kill them all.”

“You look ugly. Now we can’t tell which one is a demon, Tanjiro Kamado. You make me sick.”

“Only feelings are eternal and undying. That is true. I do not remember a single human being I have killed.”

“Don’t let on that I’m here. I’ll be able to tell right away if you do…. I keep a close eye on you at all times.”

“People who are dead never come back to life. Instead of sticking to such things, why don’t you just work for dairy money and live quietly?”

“I haven’t got any punishments. I have been forgiven for killing hundreds of thousands of humans. I haven’t seen God or Buddha for a thousand years.”

“The heavens are not punishing me. Despite the hundreds, thousands of humans I’ve killed, I’ve been let off the hook. And I have never seen a God or Buddha over these thousand years.”

“Does my complexion look unhealthy to you? Is my face pale? Do I look sickly to you? Do I look like I’m not long for this world? Do I look like I’m about to die? Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. I’m a living being who’s infinitely close to perfection.”

“The one thing I hate is “change”. Changes in circumstances. Changes in body. Changes in emotion. In most cases. Every change is “degradation”. It is decline. The one thing I like is “permanence”. If something doesn’t change for eternity. It’s in a perfect state.”

FAQs of Muzan Kibutsuji

Who is Muzan Kibutsuji?

Muzan is the Demon King and the main antagonist in the manga and anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba.

How old is Muzan?

As a human Muzan age is 20 years old, but after turned into demon he has lived more than 10.000 years.

How tall is Muzan Kibutsuji?

His height is 179 cm (5’10”).

How much does Muzan Kibutsuji weigh?

Muzan weight is 75 kg (165 lbs).

Muzan Kibutsuji is the main antagonist known as Demon King He has immersed strength and is not an easy opponent. Though he is powerful, he still has the weakness that is sunlight.