Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Cast & Summary

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon hit its popularity since the first airing date on February 24, 2017, on JTBC Network.

The first production process for this drama took its place on October 29, 2016, when all casts gathered to do script reading.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has three main actors, Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, and also Ji Soo.

Previously, Park Bo Young became the main actress for Oh My Ghostess in previous 2015.

Park Hyung Sik had starred in High Society (2015) and Hwarang (2016) before he played as the main actor for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Meanwhile, Ji Soo once starred for Angry Mom (2015) and Fantastic (2016).

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon was aired on JTBC every Friday and Saturday at 23:00 KST and replaced the previous drama, Solomon’s Perjury.

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  • Title: Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon / 힘쎈여자 도봉순
  • Also Known As: Himsseonyeoja Dobongsun / Powerful Woman Do Bong Soon / Strong Girl Do Bong Soon / Strong Woman Do Bong-soon / A Strong Woman Do Bongsoon / Strong Girl Bong-soon / Himssenyeoja Dobongsoon
  • Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Action, Romantic Comedy
  • Country: South Korea
  • Director: Lee Hyeong Min
  • Producer: Park Jun Seo, Lee Jin Suk, Park Ji An, Ra Sung Shik
  • Screenwriter: Baek Mi Kyeong
  • Production Companies: Drama House, JS Pictures
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Dates: February 24, 2017 – April 15, 2017
  • Air Time: Friday and Saturday, 23:00 KST
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Synopsis of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

A unique girl who was born with a superpower, Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), spends her entire life being a secret wonder woman.

Bong Soon has a strength that is only received by the women members in Bong Soon’s family. Even though she was born as a wonder woman, her dream is to be a video game creator.

The story begins when she helps an accident that involves an attack on a bus driver.

Her incredible strength accidentally is seen by Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik), a CEO of a company of video game, Ainsoft.

After seeing Bong Soon, he thinks that Bong Soon might be suitable to be his bodyguard to guard him against any threats from an anonymous person.

Min Hyuk then offered her to join her company, as a win-win solution for both of them.

On the other side, there are some criminal cases that involve women kidnapping around the neighborhood of Bong Soon and Guk Doo, her friend and her first love.

Bong Soon, Min Hyuk, and Guk Doo then make a decision to solve that criminal case.

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Main Cast

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon

The real wonder woman was born with super strength since she was just a baby. She has been helping others with her strength anonymously.

Bong Soon has been crushing Detective Guk Doo since high school, but later she falls for Ahn Min Hyuk, her CEO.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk

A handsome CEO of Ainsoft, a popular and successful game company. He has a magnetic and charming aura.

Even though he treats Bong Soon as her employee and often teases her, deep down he cares a lot about her.

Ji Soo as Guk Doo

Ji Soo as Guk Doo

He is an old friend of Bong Soon. An ambitious rookie detective who always does anything for justice.

Supporting Cast

People around Do Bong Soon

  • Ahn Woo Yeon as Do Bong Ki
  • Shim Hye Jin as Hwang Jin Yi
  • Yoo Jae Myung as Do Chil Goo
  • Park Bo Mi as Na Kyung Shim
  • Baek Soo Ryun as Lady Soon Shim
  • Kim Mi Hee as Myung Soo’s mother
  • Kim Soo Yeon as Jae Soon’s mother

People around Ahn Min Hyuk

  • Jeon Seok Ho as Secretary Gong
  • Han Jung Kook as Ahn Chul Do
  • Kim Seong Beom as Ahn Dong Ha
  • Shim Hoon Gi as Ahn Dong Suk
  • Lee Se Wook as Ahn Kyung Hwan

People around Guk Doo

  • Seol In Ah as Jo Hee Ji, Guk Doo’s girlfriend
  • Yoon Ye Hee as Jung Mi Hwa

People at Baek Tak Party

  • Im Won Hee as Baek Soo Tak
  • Kim Min Kyo as Ahgari
  • Kim Won Hae as Kim Kwang Bok
  • Kim Ki Moo as Hwang Hyun Dong
  • Lee He Cheol

Do Bong Police Station Criminal Team 3 

  • Choi Moo In as Team Leader Yook
  • Oh Soon Tae as Bulgom
  • Joo Ho as Neokboi
  • Choi Hyung as Heollaengyi
  • Kim Won Suk as Dotbogi

Ainsoft Employee

  • Kim Won Hae as Oh Dol Ppyeo


  • Jang Mi Kwan as Kim Jang Hyun
  • Son Hyo Eun as Jung Hyang Sook
  • Choi Hyun Seo as Kim Ji Won
  • Choi Young Shin as Lee Joo Young
  • Min Ji Hyun as Pharmacist
  • Kim Hyun Mok as bullied student
  • Kim Young Choon as Il Jin
  • Yoo In Soo as Kang Goo
  • Hong Ye Ri as Ho Soon Yi
  • Kim Tae Soo as Oh Hyun Joong
  • Lee Ho Chul as Team Leader Jo
  • Hapkie as Member of Baek Tak Party
  • Kim Won Jun as Subway Molester
  • Lee Jung Kwi as high school boy
  • Jun Byung Chul as Lee Woo Jin
  • Kang Ji Young as JTVC announcer
  • Lee Cheol Min as Fortuneteller
  • Kim Won Hyo 
  • Song Won Geun as Song Won Geun
  • Yoon Sang Hyun as Charles Go
  • Lee Soo Ji as Voice Phishing specialist
  • Jung Chan Min as Voice Phishing specialist
  • Jang Sung Kyu as JTVC announcer
  • Kwon Hyuk Soo as fake Indian Monk Nizamuddin
  • Lee Sang as the Ainsoft Receptionist
  • Clara Lee as Lee Bong Soon, Dental Hygienist

OST (Original Soundtrack)

  • You’re My Garden – Jung Eunji (Apink)
  • Heartbeat – Suran
  • How Would It Be – Standing Egg
  • Pit-A-Pat – Kim Chungha
  • Double Trouble Couple – Mamamoo
  • I Fall In Love – VROMANCE feat. Objorect
  • Super Power Girl – Every Single Day
  • Because Of You – Park Hyung Sik

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