What is Heather? Meaning and Origin

What is Heather? Meaning and Origin

If you are born as a generation Z, you might have heard about this modern slang term before everybody started talking about it.

This modern term is actually pretty diverse in how it is used and can lead to some different meanings when it comes to application.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the term ‘heather’ that has gone viral on various social media platforms in the few past years.

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Definition of Heather

This term actually has some different references when it comes to the definition and its background story of it.

The popular one is the trend that was inspired by the song by Conan Gray with the same title.

In that song, the singer sings about all the familiar scenarios when the person you like, like someone else, is in a return.

This reference then leads to the full definition of a person who is beautiful, desirable, and popular, that everyone loves and wants to be with.

Because of this trend, many people on TikTok often post videos that say they wish they were born as a Heather.

The second interpretation of this term had its reference from the 1989 vintage film aesthetic, Heathers.


Talking about the background story, the appearance of the term Heather wasn’t as clear as people might have thought.

As the popularity of TikTok rises into stardom, the modern slang term like this term also increases a lot.

But the first usage itself in modern days took its place when the singer Conan Gray used this term in his 2020 song.

Starting from that, more people were attracted to that term and suddenly, that term became popular all over the Internet, especially on TikTok.

People on TikTok then started to use Heather in their captions as a hashtag to express their feelings towards their crushes.

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Heather is one of the most interesting modern slang terms that you can find in your daily conversation, especially on TikTok.

When using this term, it is important to get to know your object and subject of conversation to avoid some collisions.