Rookie Cops – Cast & Summary

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Rookie Cops - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Disney+ has released another Korean Drama. Rookie Cops features Kang Daniel, Lee Shin Young, Park Yoo Na, and Chae Soo Bin.

This drama will be Kang Daniel’s first debut in the Korean drama.

Lee Shin Young also joined this drama after previously appearing in Crash Landing on You (2020) and How to Buy Friend (2020)

On the other side, Park Yoo Na also became the main cast after playing in the drama True Beauty (2020) and Hotel del Luna (2019)

Meanwhile, Chae Soo Bin has played some dramas before, they are A Piece of Your Land (2020) and Where Stars Land (2018).

Rookie Cops became Disney+’s first Korean drama after aired in South Korea.

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  • Title: Rookie Cops/너와 나의 경찰수업
  • Also Known as: Rookies / Our Police Class / Our Police Course / Police Class of Mine and Yours
  • Genre: Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
  • Country: South Korea
  • Director: Kim Byung Soo
  • Producer: –
  • Screenwriter: Lee Ha Na
  • Production Companies: Studio&New, The Walt Disney Company
  • Network: Disney
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Dates: January 26, 2022- March 4, 2022
  • Air Times: Wednesday, 22:00 KST
Rookie Cops - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Synopsis of Rookie Cops

This drama tells a story about a freshman who has joined Korean National Police University (KNPU), which is the most conservative and exclusive campus in South Korea.

Every student has their own story that became their motivation to reach their dream.

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Main Cast

Kang Daniel as Wi Seung Hyeon

He is the first rank student who has the ambition to follow his father’s career as the police in the Gyeonggi Dongbu Police Agency.

Seung Hyeon has passionate youth and cannot stand in the injustice.

Chae Soo Bin as Goo Eun Gang

She is a troublemaker who has enrolled in the Police University after getting rejection for her unrequited love.

Lee Shin Young as Kim Tak

He is part of the junior national judo team, he becomes Seung Hyeon’s friend because of the same passionate.

Park Yoo Na as Kim Ha Na

The first ranked student who has pride and individualistic characteristic that always brings chaos to another student.

Supporting Cast


  • Park Sung Joon as Yoo Dae Il (A student who became police after watching police drama)
  • Min Do Hee as Woo Jo Young (A student who wants to be a forensic investigator)
  • Kim Woo Seok as Seo Beom Joo (A student who loves to dance)
  • Cheon Young Min as Shin Ah Ri (A student who has been ulzzang and loves fashion)
  • Park Yeon Woo as Kang Joo Chan ( A Student who has become President of Student Council)
  • Jung Soo Bin as Baek Seon Yoo (A Student who has become the head of Girl’s dormitory)
  • Lee Jeon Woo as Uhm Hyuk (A senior who has become The Head of The Police Academy’s Education Team)


  • Kim Sang Hoo as Cha Yoo Gon (Police Science Professor)
  • Seo Yi Seok as Kim Son Young (The University Dean)


  • Son Chang Min as Wi Ki Young (Wi Seung Hyeon’s Father)
  • Ji Soo Won as Ah Sok Ja (Wi Seung Hyeon’s Mother)
  • Lee Moon Sik as Goo Chang Yeol (Go Eun Gang’s Father)
  • Jung Young Joo as Lee Hee Seok (Go Eun Gang’s Mother)
  • Sa Kang as Ki Han Na’s Mother


  • Son So Mang as Go Mi Gang (Go Eun Gang’s Old Friend)
  • Kim Yool Go as Choo Yi Sa

OST (Original Soundtrack)

Trailer of Rookie Cops



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